On June 19, 2014, the international Common Law Court of Justice Vienna – ICCJV was established according to Natural law, Human Rights, International Law and Universal Jurisdiction in Vienna. The establishment is based on the signature of the international Common Law Charter, the founding Treaty and the Vienna Statute of the International Common Law Court of Justice Vienna.

The fastest International Court

The fastest court in the world!
Court cases at the
national courts three monts;
european court eight till twelve months;
international court up to three years or longer.


The ICCJV the new international court two months!!!
get started with a court near you!

2017-03-15 The mission for the implementation for human rights and international law is honourable

The elected and sworn in employees have committed themselves, in consideration of worldwide developments, to the mission for the implementation of human rights and international law, and this is absolutely necessary in these times and internationally honourable.

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