On the 02nd of October 2015, the authorised representatives of the national founded courts of law of the ICCJ met in Bern for signing the international-law foundation contract between Germany, Austria and Switzerland and founded the ICCJV "International Common Law Court of Justice Vienna". The ICCJV received its full international character with the foundation as an interstate organisation. The development and ratification of the Viennese statute of the ICCJV gives in harmony with existing and ratified bases of the international law and human right the ICCJV the status of an international court of law, which works for the people. The additional task is to work as a mediator, observer, keeper and guardian of the human rights and the international law. The foundation and the self-put takeover of the task for the purposes of UN / RES / 53/144 is announced to UN in Geneva (OHCHR) and New York (general secretary Ban Ki-moon and security council), the Russian Federation (Vladimir Putin) and the IGH and ISTGH in Hague.


The mission for the implementation for human rights and international law is honourable

The elected and sworn in employees have committed themselves, in consideration of worldwide developments, to the mission for the implementation of human rights and international law, and this is absolutely necessary in these times and internationally honourable.

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