On the 19th of June, 2014 the international Common Law court ICCJ was set up after natural law, human right, international law and universally valid administration of justice in the region Vienna. The foundation of the ICCJ bases on signing the Common Law charter.

On the 02nd of October, 2015, with signing the international-law foundation contract between Switzerland, Austria and Germany as well as the creation of the Viennese statute of the Internationally Common Law Court of Justice Vienna (ICCJV) was created from the regional courts of law of the ICCJ  to the new ICCJV with new Intensionen and bases which for the purposes of the human right and international law a new era of the history of the humanity initiates.

The mission for the implementation for human rights and international law is honourable

The elected and sworn in employees have committed themselves, in consideration of worldwide developments, to the mission for the implementation of human rights and international law, and this is absolutely necessary in these times and internationally honourable.

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